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Commissioned by Photobox, Europe’s largest photographic community, The Crown from the Crowd is a ground-breaking project to create a unique photographic biography and picture archive of the Royal Family - as seen exclusively through the camera lens of the Great British Public over the last century.

Jennie Bond, who served as the BBC’s Royal Correspondent during 14 of the most turbulent years the monarchy has endured, is leading a nationwide search to plunder the people’s archive of unseen photographs of the Royal Family taken at any one of the estimated 50,000 royal engagements since the Second World War.

Over 300 of the best photographs and their accompanying anecdotes will be selected for a spectacular new book - alongside additional images taken by some of the UK's leading royal photographers - to be published in early May, with all profits donated to charity.

Providing a people’s portrait of the modernisation of both the institution and family that provide our head of state, The Crown from the Crowd will chart the extraordinary evolution of the people, personalities and behaviours of the members of the House of Windsor, revealing the best hidden, forgotten and unseen images from an untapped national archive.

Created to commemorate the forthcoming Royal Wedding, the first edition of The Crown from the Crowd will be presented to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as a ‘gift from the people', ahead of their big day on Saturday 19th May.


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